Recovery Coach Supervision is a key element to Recovery Coaching. Per the Code of Professional Ethics, all Recovery Coaches and Certified Recovery Coaches (CRCs) are required to work under supervision. 

Types of Supervision 

There are two types of supervision that Recovery Coaches work with: 

Recovery Coach Supervision: The role of Recovery Coach Supervision is to provide supervision and mentorship to Recovery Coaches and Certified Recovery Coaches (CRCs) on the ethical standards, responsibilities, and scope of practice of a Recovery Coach and CRC. Recovery Coach Supervisors provide a compassionate environment to help Coaches to:

  • Develop their professional skills
  • Foster and maintain ethical standards
  • Navigate coaching related challenges
  • Deepen their education of Motivational Interviewing and Resource Provision 

Recovery Coach Supervisors must have working knowledge of the Code of Professional Ethics, and be proficient practitioners of Motivational Interviewing and Resource Provision. Recovery Coach Supervisors must be approved by Recovery Vermont. 

General Supervision: Many people who take the Recovery Coach Academy use the skills they acquire to enhance the work they currently do in recovery or recovery-adjacent positions. Their general supervisor is the manager that they report to that oversees their day-to-day work. This general supervisor may or may not have in-depth knowledge of the scope of practice and ethical standard of a Recovery Coach. The general supervisors role is to oversee the ethics and standards pertaining to their current workplace.

 Recovery Coach Supervision for Certification and Renewal

Recovery Coach Supervision shall be conducted one-on-one or in group settings. Supervision can be held by videoconference or in person, performed in a formal setting such as an office, clinic, or institution. Most coaches already have an approved Recovery Coach Supervisor assigned by their place of work.

Hours Requirements:

25 Hours

In order to become a Certified Recovery Coach, you must have received Recovery Coach Supervision for a minimum of 25 hours.

20 Hours

In order to maintain and renew your Certified Recovery Coach credential every two years, you must have receive Recovery Coach Supervision for a minimum of 20 hours.

The Impact of a Recovery Coach Supervisor

Recovery Coach Supervision is a key element to Recovery Coaching as it: 

  • Provides an empathetic environment for Recovery Coaches to process challenging experiences related to Recovery Coaching
  • Keeps coaches familiar with the Recovery Coaching Code of Professional Ethics
  • Fosters and maintains an ethical standard in the field of Recovery Coaching
  • Teaches techniques in handling stress related to being a Recovery Coach
  • Explores and practices strategies in handling difficult situations
  • Deepens the professional skills of Motivational Interviewing and Resource Provision
  • Provides opportunities to review and discuss case studies 
  • Protects the field of Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coach Supervisor Handbook

This handbook outlines the roles and responsibilities of a Recovery Coach Supervisor, helpful tips, and useful documents.

Approved Recovery Coach Supervisors

All Recovery Coach Supervisors must sign a Recovery Coach Supervisor Agreement. In this agreement, Recovery Coach Supervisors must attest to their experience with the Recovery Coach scope of practice, their willingness to serve as Recovery Coach Supervisor, and their commitment to uphold the Recovery Coach Supervisor Code of Conduct.

List of Approved Recovery Coach Supervisor Job Titles

  • Recovery Center Directors
  • Recovery Center Recovery Coach Supervisors
  • Recovery Center Recovery Coaches in the Emergency Department Supervisors
  • Recovery Vermont’s standing Group Supervision sessions
  • Supervisory staff at ADAP recognized hub and spoke facilities
  • Working Fields Recovery Coach Supervisors
  • Certified Recovery Residence Managers
  • Recovery Vermont Staff
  • Others who have experience with the Recovery Coach scope of practice**

** We support the Department of Health and HRSA’s goal of growing the recovery coach movement, therefore, we are delighted to grant Recovery Coach Supervisor status to other well qualified individuals. These Recovery Coach Supervisors shall be approved at the discretion of the President and they must be willing to meet the terms of the Recovery Coach Supervisor agreement.

Forms for Supervisors and Coaches

Hour Tracking Forms

For those seeking certification or who are currently Certified and need to track their supervision hours for renewal, we have created tracker templates for Supervisors and Coaches. You can use these via online, or download and fill out on your computer or by hand. Please note, you will need to track all of your supervision hours and receive your supervisor’s sign off in order to get certified or renew your certification. Please note, the below tracking documents are not required for certification, they are simply helpful guides created for your convenience.

 Recovery Coach Supervision hours tracker
 (For Supervisors)

Individual Supervision note-taking template
 (For Supervisors)

Group Supervision note-taking template
 (For Supervisors)

Vermont Certified Recovery Coach Code of Ethics Violation Claim Form 

This form is the official means of bringing a claim against an IC&RC Certified Vermont Recovery Coach.  If the coach is not IC&RC certified (you can search the database of IC&RC certified coaches in Vermont by name here), please contact their supervisor or the executive director of their organization with your concern as ethical violations by coaches who are not IC&RC certified are personnel matters that fall outside the jurisdiction of the Vermont Recovery Coach Certification Committee.

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