Become a Vermont Certified Recovery Coach

Worried about the addiction epidemic? Want to make a real difference and help those in recovery?  

The Vermont Recovery Coach Academy is a comprehensive and relatable training that equips participants with the skills and resources vital to help to those in recovery.  


What is a Recovery Coach?

A Recovery Coach is a guide, mentor, listener. They support individuals in recovery from addiction.They help their clients use a strength-based approach to find the internal motivation to make positive change. Our graduates use this training in many different personal and professional arenas.  Some work or volunteer at recovery centers, treatment centers or hospitals, others use their training in a related field such as housing, corrections, employment, or other areas of human services.  


Who should take the training?  

People in recovery, family members, allies, clinicians — anyone who wants to learn evidence-based practices to help those in recovery. 


What should I expect?

This is a comprehensive training that leads to a nationally recognized state certification as a Vermont Certified Recovery Coach. Teachings include intensive dynamic modules in: 
– Motivational Interviewing 
– The Brain Science of Addiction and Recovery
– Ethics, Values, and Boundaries
– Pathways to Recovery
– Resources  

What are the requirements?

The Academy is open to anyone interested in the recovery field: peers, individuals in long-term recovery, family members, clinicians, allies, professionals and friends. One year minimum or personal or family recovery, if applicable, may also be required. As well as a current support system and personal recovery plan, if applicable. 

What is the cost? 

The cost of the Academy is $750. However, we offer partial and full scholarships to those associated with non-profit recovery or mental health organizations. Please reach out to see if you qualify. 

 Any questions? 

We’re here to help. Contact Melissa Story, Director of Training and Leadership with any questions: melissa@recoveryvermont.org

Become a Certified Vermont recovery Coach

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