Recovery Coaches in the Emergency Department (RCED) 

Thank you for signing up for the Recovery Coaches in the Emergency Department Online Training. This webpage will be your guide to all the things you will need for this training.

Step One!
Let’s get started!  Please review the following PDF and watch the following video as required homework, prior to the first day of training.  

Step Two:
All Day Zoom Training
Wednesday June 30th 2021 9AM to about 4:30

Step Three:
Self Directed Learning
(anytime Thursday through Monday)

You’re required to complete the following five modules at your own pace anytime over the next five days.  We’ve made it easy for you to guide yourself through this learning.  After you have finished the five modules (A,B,C,D, and E) you must please complete your reflections in the reflections form. 

A.Trauma and Healing: 

Please read this article


B. Stigma in health care settings

Please review these learning slides


C. Accountability: information and questions

Please review these learning slides


D. Roles: information and questions

Please review these learning slides



your reflections on all the self-directed learning segments (segments A through E)

Required Reflections


Step Four: Required paperwork.

You must complete this paperwork before you can receive your certificate of completion. Please wait until the last eligible day of training, on Monday, June 1st: . 

Optional: schedule questions and
conversation phone call with Vini!

Office Hours

Schedule a meeting with Vini if you have any
additional questions or conversation points.





Bonus: Copies of slides, your manual, and more!

Meet your Trainers

Vini Emery

Recovery Coaching in the Emergency Department

Vini (they, them, theirs) is the Program Manager for the Recovery Coaches in the Emergency Department.  They have 17 years’ experience working with a variety of communities such as pregnant and parenting teenagers, people experience homelessness, people with disabilities, and children and families.  Vini also brings experience working in mental health (both as a peer and as a support person) and as a housing specialist.  Vini has many years of volunteer work with Social Justice movements that address Race, Class, Disability, Immigration, Gender, and Sexuality. Vini strives for equity, accessibility, and respect in the work they do.  Vini is a family member to several people with Substance Use Disorder, and is honored to be part of the wonderful recovery community in Vermont.

Julea Larsen


Julea is a person in long term recovery. She works at the Turning Point Center out of Bennington County and services Southwestern Vermont Medical Center. She LOVES her job as a supervisor for the Emergency Department. Julea loves to see people’s potential, and feels privileged to be a part of their recovery process. She will always work with people who have substance uses disorder, because she has an unbelievable amount of appreciation and compassion and wants everyone to have a person who cares for them at whatever point they are. She wants people to realize they deserve a good life.. Your past doesn’t define you. Everyday we have a chance to charge and grow. Julea loves when people find recovery and feels blessed to those who ask for help seeking harm reduction. Julea wants to help reduce stigma and feels privileged to be a part of recovery!


Geoff Butler

Practical & Protocols

Geoffrey Butler is a person in long term recovery from Opioid Use Disorder. He is the RCED Supervisor at Copley Hospital in Morrisville, Vermont and works out of North Central Vermont Recovery Center. Geoff is a huge advocate of Harm Reduction and believes keeping people engaged keeps people alive. He loves being active outside and spending time with his family.

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