Jack Barry Communications Award

The Jack Barry Communications Award is named for Jack Barry, one of Vermont’s premier communicators. On his television and radio shows, Barry provided a platform for individuals in recovery from mental health conditions and substance use disorders, and he was a powerful advocate about the importance of recovery. As a Vermont State Senator, he reminded us all that individuals can and should speak out publicly on behalf of all Vermonters.

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2020 Jack Barry Award Recipient: Journalist Kate O’Neill and Seven Days

Every year the Vermont Association for Mental Health and Addiction Recovery gives out the Jack Barry Communications Award during Recovery Day at the statehouse in Montpelier, to an individual or group who has done a powerful job in communicating recovery. Last year year, the award was given to Kate O’Neill and Seven Days for Kate’s series “Hooked.”

Recovery Day with Recovery Vermont at State Street, Montpelier, VT, Feb. 12, 2020. (James Buck / Recovery Vermont)

Receiving the award, is Cathy Resmer (left), Deputy Publisher from Seven Days and Maura (right), Kate O’Neill’s sister. 

Kate O’Neill’s series “Hooked” in Seven Days was a clear winner for the Jack Barry Communications Award presented at Recovery Day 2020. Each installment inspired, educated, brought awareness, compassion and stigma-free information to help the state of Vermont grapple with substance use disorder, loss, and recovery in Vermont.

Past Jack Barry Award Recipients

Aspenti Health

Barbara Cimaglio

Bess O’Brien

Brattleboro Museum and Art Center

Burlington International Airport


Kate O’Neill & Seven Days

Kingdom County Productions

Linda Carbino

Michael Casarico

Vermont Public Radio



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