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Are you ready to be a Certified Recovery Coach? Great! Our team is here to support you every step of the way to attain and complete the steps and requirements to get certified.  


Steps to become Certified:

Step One:  Apply to be a Certified Recovery Coach by filling out and submitting the Recovery Coach Certification Application. *Requirements below.

Step Two: Your current supervisor at the recognized recovery (or recovery-adjacent) resource you work or volunteer at, must sign off on your application.  This step is included in your application.

Step Three: Take and pass the International Recovery Coach Certification Exam.  

Step One

Have you reviewed the requirements below and are ready to begin the application?  Click to apply!

Step Two

All Recovery Coaches require their Supervisor’s Approval.  The form for it is within in the certification application.

Step Three

Submitted your application and your supervisor’s approval form? Next step is to sign up to take the exam.

Application requirements to become a Certified Recovery Coach:

When filling out the application in Step One, you’ll notice these are some of the requirements in order to complete your application. We’re here to help, please reach out if you have any questions. 

  1. You must currently be working or volunteering at a recognized recovery (or recovery-adjacent) resource that serves Vermonters.

  2. Completion of the Vermont Recovery Coach Academy or an approved reciprocal training. Curious about taking the Vermont Recovery Coach Academy? Learn more here!

  3. 500 hours of volunteer or paid supervised experience in a recognized recovery (or recovery-adjacent) resource over the past 7 years.

  4. 25 of the 500 volunteer or paid hours must be in one-on-one, or in group supervision with a Recovery Coach Supervisor. Learn more about Supervision.

  5. A high school diploma or GED.  *Still working towards this?  That’s okay! You may still submit your application, and we will keep it on file for a year while you fulfill this requirement.

Get Certified FAQ 

Certified Recovery Coaches must work or volunteer at a recognized recovery (or recovery-adjacent) resource that serves Vermonters. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Vermont’s 12 regional Recovery Centers, also known as Turning Point Centers
  • Certified recovery residences
  • Hub and spoke treatment facilities
  • Working Fields, an employment agency
  • Designated mental health agencies
  • Youth and Family Services
  • Domestic Violence Support organizations
  • Restorative Justice organizations
  • Advocate organizations
Have questions about your place of work and whether it qualifies? Email Lisa Lord at We’re here to support you and your place of work.

The role of a Recovery Coach Supervisor is to provide supervision and mentorship to Recovery Coaches on the ethical standards, responsibilities and scope of practice of a Recovery Coach. It is a requirement that Recovery Coaches work with a Recovery Coach Supervisor to be eligible to apply for certification and maintain their certification. 

Recovery Coach Supervisors provide a compassionate environment to help Recovery Coaches develop their professional skills, foster and maintain ethical standards, navigate coaching related challenges, and deepen their education of Motivational Interviewing and resource provision. Recovery Coach Supervisors are required to have working knowledge of the Code of Professional Ethics, and be proficient practitioners of Motivational Interviewing and resource provision. Recovery Coach Supervisors must be approved by Recovery Vermont. 

For those working in recognized recovery resources, your current primary supervisor is most likely an approved Recovery Coach Supervisor. However, there are some exceptions. If you work in a recognized recovery-adjacent resource, your current primary supervisor may or may not be an approved Recovery Coach Supervisor. 

If your current primary supervisor is not an approved Recovery Coach Supervisor, or if you have any questions, please reach out to Lisa Lord. Recovery Vermont can help provide you with options for Recovery Coach Supervision. To learn more about Supervision, visit our Supervision page.

Have you completed steps 1 -3 and received your Recovery Coach Certification? Congratulations! 

Next steps are that you want to start working towards renewal! Certified Recovery Coaches (CRCs) are required to keep their certification up-to-date by continuing their education through trainings! Learn more about renewal requirements here.

Have any questions? We’re here to help! Contact Director of Workforce Development, Lisa Lord. Lisa is here to help you every step of the way for your Certification! Email:


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