FAQ on Recovery Coach Certification!

Are Recovery Coaches Certified in Vermont?
You bet.  Recovery Coaches in Vermont are Vermont certified through VAMHAR in partnership and funding from the Department of Health; SAMHSA; and IC&RC.  Special thanks to the Governor’s Opioid Coordination Council for their role in starting certification of the recovery workforce in Vermont.  This Vermont certification is important and meaningful.  I means that all recovery coaches in Vermont must have successfully completed the intensive 46 hour academy;  the must work under the management of a recognized supervisor at a recognized organization; and they must abide by the recovery coach code of ethics.  We are the official body sanctioned by the IC&RC to certify recovery coaches in Vermont.  However, “national-reciprocal certification” is not yet available for Vermont’s coaches. 


When does reciprocal certification start?
The Vermont Recovery Coach Academy program and its graduates have been approved by the International and National Certification Board to be grand-parented into national-reciprocal certification as soon as we choose to start the process.  Flipping the switch has been seriously delayed by COVID, but will start in very early 2021.  

Can you be more specific?
We will start with a pilot class (known as a “lead class”) of a few dozen pre-selected coaches in January, 2021.  We will then grandparent-in coaches from other Centers sometime in late February 2021.  We will then offer certification with testing in July of 2021. 

Will there be a cost to getting this reciprocal approval added to my certification?
Of course there is a cost…  It will cost around $363 total, per person, in fees to add national-reciprocal certification.

Don’t you think that’s a lot of money?
It is!  But not to worry, VAMHAR will cover these costs for all coaches who wish to be grand-parented and hopefully for ongoing applicants.  


Anything else I need to do to receive reciprocal privileges?
As stated, you will need to be trained by the Vermont Recovery Coach Academy and have the fee paid by us.  You will also need to submit your application; attest that you have a High School diploma or equivalent; and have your supervisor attest that you have been working under supervision.


Doesn’t that seem like a lot of requirements?
No.  Our goal is to see that recovery coaches are the most professional and boundaried field in health-care.  Getting certified or adding on reciprocal certification is not for everyone.  There are tons of ways to volunteer or work in recovery services.  Being a recovery coach is just one of them.

Do I need to pursue reciprocal certification?
Nope.  You might enjoy it as a professional goal or your employer may require it.  


I should have asked this earlier, but what exactly is national-reciprocal certification?
It means that your Vermont certification will be formally recognized by over 30 other states and a few foreign countries should you ever move.  Want to move to Singapore or Arkansas to work in recovery services?  Your Vermont certification will be recognized there.  You don’t need to start all over.   

What if I have other questions?
We are here to help.  Just email peter@recoveryvermont.org and we will get back to you with any and all answers.