Recovery Vermont meets the Recovery Challenge Fundraising Goal

Thanks to the Hoehl Family Foundation and You!



Recovery Vermont is pleased to announce that it has raised $15,000 from the community that will be matched, dollar for dollar, by the Hoehl Family Foundation.  These $30,000 in funds will be shared with thirty recovery organizations throughout the state. “How terrific that the Hoehl Family Foundation has used their own generosity to inspire others.” Says Recovery Vermont’s President, Peter Espenshade. “This important campaign was the brainchild of Ron Stankevich, a longtime leader in our state’s recovery community.”  Stankevich works for Dominion Diagnostics  and serves on the board of the Vermont Foundation of Recovery.  


These funds will support some of the most important programs in our state: our renowned network of recovery centers and our recovery residences.  Recovery happens when people are part of these great places and the connections they provide. 


“Everywhere I go in the state, people express their concern over substance use disorder – and understandably so.” Espenshade continues. “I always tell them that if they want to help, and if they want to see hope, they should visit their local recovery center.  People recover.”

You may donate by credit card or with a PayPal account. All donations are tax deductible. Recovery Vermont is a program of VAMHAR. 


Recovery Vermont
A program of VAMHAR
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