Corrections & Re-Entry

Specialty Training for Recovery Coaches

Recovery Vermont is offering an advanced Corrections and Reentry training for experienced Recovery Coaches. The three-day specialty training is designed to teach coaches to work with those currently incarcerated in the Vermont Corrections system and those reentering their communities. The training was developed building on the work Tracie Hauck and her recovery coaches have been doing with inmates in the Springfield and Rutland facilities and those reentering their communities. Tracie and her team have been involved in the development of the training.

The training dates are September 22-24th from 9-4 each day, online on Zoom.

This is a pilot training and space is limited; Directors are asked to recruit and vet an experienced coach from their staff to attend the training. Participants attending the training are expected to:

  • Have successfully completed Recovery Vermont’s Recovery Coach Academy
  • Be actively coaching with supervision
  • Attend all three days of the training from 9-4 each day
  • Coaches must have access to a computer/tablet , have a strong WiFi connection, and be present on Zoom with their camera ON for the entirety of the training. 
  • Participate in a follow up meeting to offer their feedback on the training
  • Respect the work of Tracie, her team, and the relationship they have painstakingly built with DOC

Training objectives:

  • Understand the culture of the Corrections system
  • Understand stigma, power and privilege as it relates to both staff and inmate populations, and examine our own fears, attitudes, and personal biases
  • Demonstrate professional readiness including ethics and boundaries, identifying and understanding our own triggers, and self-care awareness
  • Demonstrate proficiency with Motivational Interviewing, OARS skills, and trauma-informed response
  • Understand the co-occurring nature of substance use and behavioral health
  • Learn the policies, rules, and regulations governing visits at VT DOC Correctional facilities
  • Understand the pressures people re-entering into their community experience because of system expectations and responsibilities