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Continuing Education Trainings and CEUs

For Recovery Coaches and Certified Recovery Coaches (CRCs), Continuing Education trainings are a wonderful way to deepen your practice, learn new information in the field, build and expand on your knowledge and skills, and to demonstrate your commitment to continuously growing as a Recovery Coach and a Certified Recovery Coach (CRC). 

For Certified Recovery Coaches (CRCs), Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are an integral part of maintaining and renewing certification. They are credits that attendees gain from attending CEU eligible trainings – this includes most of Recovery Vermont’s training programs, specialty trainings, panels, and events. Please note, students are expected to attend the entirety of each training in order to receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs). 

Certified Recovery Coaches (CRCs) need a total of 20 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) every two years to maintain and renew certification, broken out in the following way: 

  • Six (6) CEUs in Ethics
  • Six (6) CEUs in Motivational Interviewing
  • Eight (8) CEUs in any eligible trainings of your choice

All trainings hosted or recognized by Recovery Vermont as CEU Eligible will count towards these 8 CEUs. 

Additional Continuing Education Training Opportunities

Recovery Vermont’s Course Catalog and Calendar display all of the CEU eligible trainings that Recovery Vermont offers. In our commitment to offering a range of dynamic training opportunities, Recovery Vermont also provides approved external trainings for CEU eligibility. 

Approved External Training Offerings

Recovery Vermont supports the path of a comprehensive mix of  dynamic, relevant, and professional training opportunities. Certified Recovery Coaches can earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through Recovery Vermont’s eligible trainings, as well as through other approved training providers. Some external CEU trainings will be found in our calendar

In addition to trainings found on our calendar, CEUs from the following training organizations qualify for CEU towards renewal of Recovery Coach Certification:

Submit Your Training for CEU Approval

Other training organizations can submit their training information to the Vermont Recovery Coach Certification Committee to request that their training will be Continuing Education Units (CEUs) eligible for Vermont Certified Recovery Coaches (CRCs). Training organizations need to provide the following information in a Training Approval Request application, submitted ten weeks prior to the training date:

  • The name of the organization, and name and date of the training
  • The training’s learning objectives
  • The trainings agenda and description
  • The trainer’s CV or resume

CEU Tracking for Coaches 

For Certified Recovery Coaches who need to track their Continuing Education Units hours for renewal, we have created tracker templates for your convenience. You can use these online, or download and fill them out on your computer or by hand. Please note, you will need to track all of your CEUs (training names, dates, times and number of CEUs), and submit them in your renewal application to renew your certification. Students are expected to attend the entirety of each training in order to receive CEUs.

Continuing Education Units Tracker for Certified Coaches

Have any questions? We’re here to help! Contact Director of Workforce Development, Lisa Lord. Lisa is here to help you every step of the way for your Certification! Email: lisa@recoveryvermont.org


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