Certification Renewal 

Every 2 years, Certified Recovery Coaches (CRCs) are required to renew their certification. Coaches who keep their certification up-to-date and renewed show an ongoing commitment to developing their education and strengthening their practice in the field. 

Certification Renewal requirements:

A.  Work or volunteer at a formally recognized recovery resource that serves Vermonters

B:  Complete a total of 20 Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

C:  Have 20 hours of mentorship with a Recovery Coach Supervisor

Please note: The date by which a Coach needs to renew, is 2 years from their original certification date. The date of certification can be found on each Coaches’ certificate of certification.

 What are formally recognized recovery resources?

Vermont’s recovery coaches must work or volunteer at a recognized recovery resource. These include:

Vermont’s 12 regional Recovery Centers, also known as Turning Point Centers
Certified recovery residences
Hub and spoke treatment facilities
Working Fields, employment agency
Designated mental health agencies
Family services

Have questions about your place of work and whether it qualifies? Email  . We’re here to support you and your place of work. 

 What are Continuing Education Units (CEUs)?

What are CEUs? You may have noticed many of our trainings mention “CEU eligible” with numbers attached to them. These numbers are the maximum amount of Continuing Education units or credits you will receive for attending each of these trainings.
For Certified Recovery Coaches, CEUs are an integral part of keeping and renewing your certification. They are credits that you gain from attending Continuing Education trainings – this includes most of our trainings, specialty trainings and events. Continuing Education units are a wonderful way to deepen your practice, learn new information in the field, build and expand on your knowledge and skills, and to demonstrate your commitment to continuously growing as a Certified Recovery Coach. 

Certified Recovery Coaches need  a total of 20 CEUs every 2 years to maintain certification, broken out in the following way: 

  • Six (6) CEUs in Ethics
  • Six (6) CEUs in Motivational Interviewing
  • Eight (8) CEUs in any eligible trainings of your choice

All trainings hosted or recognized by Recovery Vermont as CEU Eligible will count towards these 8 CEUs. 

Working with Supervision

All Vermont Recovery Coaches must have a professional mentor in the practice of coaching known by the term Recovery Coach Supervisor. This Recovery Coach Supervisor must be an expert in the scope of practice of recovery coaching: motivational interviewing and resource provision.  In order to receive certification renewal, Coaches will need 20 hours of direct Recovery Coach Supervision every 2 years. 

Supervision FAQs for Coaches

Why do I need supervision?

Supervision is helpful because…. ** fill this in **


How does supervision work?

Recovery Coach Supervision shall be conducted one-on-one or in group settings. Supervision can be held by videoconference, or in person,  performed in a formal setting such as an office, clinic, or institution. Most coaches already have an approved Recovery Coach Supervisor assigned by their place of work.

I’m not sure I have a Recovery Coach Supervisor or I’m not sure if my current supervisor counts. What can I do? 

If you don’t have an approved Recovery Coach Supervisor, Recovery Vermont staff can help provide this function through our expert-run group supervision sessions or by finding a willing approved Recovery Coach Supervisor in your area.

Supervision FAQs for Supervisors

I’m a Recovery Coach Supervisor. What forms do I need to fill out?

All Recovery Coach  Supervisors must sign a Recovery Coach Supervisor Agreement in which they attest to having expertise in our scope of practice and their willingness to serve as a Recovery Coach Supervisor, and review the Recovery Coach Supervisor Code of Conduct.


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