November 25, 2020 update

Yeah!  We have begun our work with NAADAC to add their peer recovery credential to our current IC&RC certification.  Once completed (in the coming year(s)) this will give us twice the flexibility and oversight and possibilities for our state’s recovery coaches.  Thanks NAADAC!

November 20, 2020 update

COVID has really really delayed IC&RC’s work in being able to provide in-person testing, final roll out etc. I have felt a bit in limbo through this COVID as we were so close to things when the pandemic hit. As noted in our own grant agreements, we must and can begin this final certification work in early 2021. IC&RC can now provide us with the tools to host proctored tests remotely, etc. etc.

In sum, we have the authority to start with a “lead” class in roughly January 2021 (which would be for you and Sheila’s needs only); then a grandparenting period of 3 to 4 months for others, then the full and ongoing test and certify. I want to share this with you in a way that is open and transparent and that is respectful for the other centers who are not part of this vanguard class but who will be grandfathered during the roughly four month period after this.

To the point about your two centers and this HRSA opportunity

We can provide your two HRSA applicant centers with the opportunity to get your coaches certified relatively quickly in roughly January, 2021. We have the formal authority to do so through our IC&RC investiture – however, I will also loop in IC&RC today just to “belt and suspenders” the whole thing.
We don’t need to worry about testing for any of your people who have taken the academy and meet other basic standards. They are officially exempt from testing as part of the lead class.

IC&RC and we will ensure national and international reciprocal certification starting in Januaryish of 2021 for your two centers only as the lead class. These coaches will be exempt from the national exam. They must, however, meet some basic criteria:
High school diploma/GED.
They must have completed the Vermont Recovery Coach Academy.
They must strictly adhere to the professional ethics.
They must work under supervision.
This supervision must be attested (using a simple form that the supervisor signs). You will need to check-off that they have put in 500 hours of volunteer or paid experience within10 years immediately preceding the completion of the application: 25 hours of which were direct work one on one with their supervisor.

Recovery Vermont will help them submit all of these materials and Recovery Vermont will pay all of the approx. $363 in application and certification fees. Any fees related to certification will be paid for by Recovery Vermont for this lead class (and the full grandparenting class when that time comes).
We are here to serve you: to get the people you recommend certified in this lead class.. Once we are on the same page, I will loop you into our VT- ICRC materials, etc so you will have clear written substantiation of all of the above. I will include IC&RC in these correspondence too. We can then pull these application materials together in service to you in January and provide the final national-reciprocal certification shortly thereafter.

As mentioned, COVID has given me low grade anxiety with certification. It has felt like suspended animation. Luckily, that suspense is coming to an end. However, I now have low grade anxiety about the other centers who are not part of this lead class, but who are not being excluded in any way. My interest is in working this out clearly with you two in a way that allows us to get these initial details right, then to make clear to all the next plans and how other centers will be clearly on board shortly after this “lead” class. I would love your help in figuring out how to best work and communicate. The centers have been helpful and patient through the COVID delay and I want to respect them right-back.

We are so excited to begin the roll-out of recovery coach certification in Vermont and are sketching out the likely plan for the state moving forward.  It’s been hard and stressful for us to have to wait due to the COVID pandemic.  Coronavirus shut down the national processes and our state work, righhhhhht when we were ready to begin the roll out.  It felt like we were in suspended animation.  Thanks everyone for all your support.  Here’s a sketch of the IC&RC plan (in regular person language): 

January 1, 2021.

August 1, 2020 update

Grateful to everyone who joined us for our online “update” on recovery coach certification in Vermont.  Miss the conversation?  Check out the presentation here: