Jack Barry Communications Award

Barbara Cimaglio after accepting the 2017 Jack Barry Award with Dan Osman at Recovery Day 2017.

The Jack Barry Award is given each year during our annual Recovery Day to an individual or group who has effectively communicated about the value of recovery from addiction(s) and mental health conditions.

Jack Barry may well have been Vermont’s premier communicator of the 20th century. Barry proved people in recovery from mental health conditions and addiction can speak out about important issues. He did it all in Vermont radio and television communicating the importance of recovery. Barry also served in the Vermont State Senate, reminding the community people can speak out publicly for all Vermonters.


Aspenti Health! For their extraordinary Change Corridor project at the Burlington International Airport.


The 2017 award was presented to Barbara Cimaglio, Deputy Health Commissioner for The Vermont Department of Health, Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs for her stellar work in effectively communicating Line the power of recovery, locally and nationally.


The 2016 award was presented to the Vermont Public Radio for their superb “The State of Recovery” series during the 2016 Recovery Day at the State House. Thank you for this powerful work of journalism and story-telling.

Listen to “The State of Recovery” series, here.

Nominate your Community Member who has had impactful communication about the value of recovery! Celebrate your community member at Recovery Day at the State House on February 6th, 2019. 

Submit your nomination for the 2019 Jack Barry Communications Award by e-mailing info@pear-vt.org

Deadline for nominations is February 1, 2019.