Our History

Recovery Vermont was founded in 1997 as a signature program of the Vermont Association of Mental Health and Addiction Recovery (VAMHAR). Over the past 24 years, Recovery Vermont has served as the hub for all things recovery in Vermont. 

Recovery Vermont celebrates substance use disorder recovery in Vermont through trainings, advocacy and leadership programs. Recovery Vermont is responsible for training Vermont’s recovery workforce through our nationally IC&RC certified training program, the Vermont Recovery Coach Academy. Since the Vermont Recovery Coach Academy’s (VRCA) inception in 2010, Recovery Vermont has trained over 600 Recovery Coaches.

Innovation and Leadership

Recovery Vermont is home to some of the most innovative recovery specialty trainings and leadership programs in the country, including: the Recovery Coaches in the Emergency Department training, the Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative program, and the Vermont Recovery Coach Certification Committee which oversees the Certified Recovery Coach (CRC) credential. 

Recovery Vermont is responsible for creating, implementing, and overseeing the continuous development of the recovery profession through a combination of high-quality trainings and continuing education programs, as well as a tiered supervision approach to mentorship, professional development, and leadership opportunities.



Students at the Vermont Recovery Coach Academy in 2019

People Recover

Historically, addiction and recovery have been stigmatized. In the past, recovery services were often conducted underground. Now that recovery has come to light as a health condition, we have an opportunity to inspire change and get evidence based practices out to Vermonters.

Recovery Coaching is the newest field in health care and our evidence based programs, trainings, and advocacy work bring Vermonters best-practice recovery resources. All of Recovery Vermont’s programs are rooted in the joyous fact that people recover!

Our Mission

We celebrate recovery in Vermont through trainings, advocacy and leadership programs. 

  • We are loud and proud advocates for the fact that people recover. We overcome the stigma and shame that used to surround addiction and recovery. We advocate everywhere from the National Mall in Washington, D.C. to local parades and rallies to celebrate recovery. 
  • Every year in February, we host Recovery Day at the Statehouse in Montpelier, bringing together hundreds of folks in recovery and recovery allies to celebrate and support one another. 
  • Every September, for National Recovery Month, we are the hub for all events happening in Vermont. We host our annual Vermont Recovery All-Stars to recognize recovery superstars in celebration of National Addiction Professionals Day!


  • We house the Vermont Recovery Coach Certification Committee, and oversee certification of the Certified Recovery Coach (CRC) credential. 
  • We advocate for recovery friendly workplaces through our Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative program, devoted to providing resources and connections with employers and employees in recover.


Recovery Vermont
A program of VAMHAR
100 State Street, Suite 352

Montpelier, VT 05602